5 Simple Spring Steps towards a Bikini Body

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Fitness and sports are everywhere you turn in 2012. From the runners pounding the pavements in preparation for the London Marathon this month, to the onslaught of government promotions ahead of the Olympics, this summer is set to be dominated by fitness fanatics. And that’s not even including England’s football team in the European Championships.

But spring is a great time to restart those New Year resolutions and begin shedding the winter pounds. Yet, while all of us would love to perfect an ultra-toned body, there just simply aren’t enough hours in the days to fit in a rigorous training regime. Let’s take a took at some quick and simple fitness and nutrition tips, all of which can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

1.    Get Outside: The temperatures are heating up and the days are getting longer, so make sure you get outside for at least 30 minutes a day to enjoy it. Vitamin D is great for our skin and general mental health, helping to avoid the mood swings that can lead to over-eating.

2.    Pound the streets: Forget about expensive gym memberships, the spring is a great time to start pounding the streets to shed some pounds. Even a brisk walk everyday will make a big difference, whether it’s alone or with the dog. You can even work out your bum, tummy and thighs at the same time with specialised shoes such as  Reebook Easytone trainer.

3.    Fill up on Salad: Pennsylvania University found that eating a low calorie salad before a meal helps to reduce our appetite and overall calorie intake by 12%. Getting your portion sizes under control is a quick way to start losing the inches.

4.    Improve your Posture: imagine somebody is pulling a string attached to the top of your head. You’ll be amazed at how much this opens your shoulders and chest, while giving your boobs a lift. Standing up straighter also increases the space between your ribs and hips, which shrinks the size of your waist.

5.    Keep a food and exercise diary. It may seem like a chore, but quickly noting down what you’re eating can really help you to control your calorie intake. Over the weeks you’ll be able to track how your exercise routine is affecting what you’re eating and when, which will help to keep you motivated throughout the spring and summer.




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