13 primary schools bringing history to life



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Year 6 pupils from the Driffield cluster of primary schools took part in special history events at Driffield School and Sixth Form.

The purpose of the days was to introduce Year 6 children to the school site and the secondary school environment.

All the Y6 children from 13 local primary schools and also children from out of catchment, who have chosen to come to Driffield School in September 2014, took part in the events.

Children from different schools were mixed together and worked in teams to complete all the activities. Each team was supported by a Y9 student, who volunteered to be team leaders for the day.

The History staff threw themselves in to the event with some of them dressing up for the days as historical characters. Mrs Guest was a fabulous Queen Elizabeth I, complete with tiara and jewels, and Mr Bemrose (who is Head of Mortimer House) dressed up as the famous local archaeologist John Mortimer to give the Y6s a quick guide to archaeology.

All the activities were devised by the History department working in partnership with a local company, Lorenz Imaging and Design, which specialises in designing educational activities and events for children.

The days included fun history quizzes, IT activities, a History trail to help familiarise children with the school site and a school dinner in one of the school’s canteens.

Many children also travelled to Driffield School on the school buses to give them a taste of what it will be like when they start in September.

Community Engagement Manager, Elaine Collinson, said: “We’ve held these special Y6 transition events at Driffield School & Sixth Form for several years and they’ve always proved very successful.

“They are a great way to introduce Y6 children to life at Driffield School and hopefully help to make them feel more confident about starting their new school in September.

“Being mixed together in teams gives them an opportunity to make new friends and having a Y9 student as a team leader helps them to see they will be well supported by older students when they start at the school in September”.

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