92nd trip day is as popular as ever with kids

Driffield Trip Day 2014

Driffield Trip Day 2014

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Hundreds of excited children gathered at Driffield School yesterday, ready to board a fleet of buses for the town’s annual trip day to Bridlington.

Now in it’s 92nd year, Driffield’s annual Trip Day saw youngsters join mums. dads and grandparents on a free day out to the seaside.

Driffield Trip Day 2014

Driffield Trip Day 2014

Children between three and 16 received a free bus journey to Bridlington - along with £3 pocket money and various vouchers for children’s rides.

The traditional excursion to the seaside town departed for the first time this year from Driffield School instead of the bus station, which was the departure point in previous years but has now closed and is up for sale.

The annual event always serves as a trip down memory lane for the parents and grandparents of Driffield who, in their youth, embarked on the same day out with their parents and friends.

Now, almost 100 years on, Driffield Trip Day remains a long-standing tradition for the town.

Event organiser, Jayne Ledger, said: “I think that this ongoing Driffield tradition is really unique. It’s such a great atmosphere on the day when you see grandparents enjoying something they did when they were young alongside their grandchildren.”

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