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After viewing an article on one of the social networking sites relating to the new bedroom tax that comes into force on April 1, I have decided to publicise it more due to the fact that many people don’t have access to the internet or even a mobile phone, and the following information may just help you save some money or even possible your home in some circumstances.

As April 1 looms even closer many people are worried about these new costs that are to be added to their rent - the bedroom tax.

This information I have gained freely from the internet quotes a little known act from 1985 called the Housing Act. It clearly gives the information in a user-friendly way with uncomplicated wording.

For example, if your bedroom measures less than 70sq feet it is classed as a boxroom not a bedroom and therefore cannot be charged bedroom tax.

In addition, if your bedroom measures 70sq feet but no more than 90 sq feet it is only suitable to sleep one person or child, a room measuring 90sq feet but less than 110 sq feet it is suitable to sleep 1.5 people and a room measuring 110sq feet or more is capable of accommodating two people.

So, all of you that are affected should put down in a letter the measurements of your rooms quoting 1985 HOUSING ACT SECTION 326.

I also believe that this cannot be changed or challenged so let’s see what the Government says to that.

I hope this information will help you.

Simon Weaver,

Northfield Crescent


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