Bid to reduce speed on the roads

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Police have launched a county wide clampdown on speeding motorists.

The campaign, which runs until Tuesday April 30, will see officers crack down on those who are intent on breaking the speed limit across the regions roads, putting the lives of other road users at risk.

One of primary functions of traffic officers, for Humberside Police, is to reduce the number of road traffic collisions which result in people being seriously or fatally injured. Statistics indicate that the cause of the majority of fatal and serious collisions is excessive and inappropriate speed.

Traffic Inspector Mike Dring said: “To help reduce the number of people who are fatally and seriously injured on our regions roads, then we have to start making motorists realise that by breaking the speed limit they are putting their lives and that of other roads users, at risk.

“Officers will be working across the whole of the Humberside area to enforce speed limits and to highlight to motorists about the potential consequences of excessive and inappropriate speed.

“It is estimated, nationally, that around 70% of motorists exceed speed limits during every day journey’s. Now that could mean a quick trip to the shops, going to see family and friends, travelling to work or a long distance journey and just an average 1mph reduction in speed nationally will reduce road collision casualties by 5%. It is important people know this and think before they break the law and the speed limit.”

Supporting statistics

At 35mph, a motorist is twice as likely to kill a pedestrian in a collision, than they would if they were only travelling at 30mph.

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