Brownies hope to light up Driffield

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Four years after the Centenary of Guiding, Brownies across the country are celebrating their 100th Birthday.

Initially known as Rosebuds in 1914, today’s Brownies are looking back over the 100 years, celebrating the Birthday and taking part in the 100 year challenge.

Many years ago, on 22 February, guiding members used to place candles in their window to remember the founders and symbolise their Birthday.

This year as part of the celebrations, all past and present Brownies are being invited to do the same and place a candle in their window on the eve of Saturday 22 February 2014.

Brownies in Driffield and the surrounding villages have been preparing nightlights at their units in readiness for the event and some have even had unit meetings with no electricity to understand what it was like outside during war time and the difficulties faced during the black outs.

If you are or were a Brownie, organisers invite you to join them on Saturday 22 February by placing a light in your window to celebrate the 100 Brownie Birthday.

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