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in memoriam

in memoriam

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A funeral service was held at the East Riding Crematorium on Tuesday, 5 August, for Mr Christopher Savoury of, Southfield Close, Driffield, who died on Monday, 28 July in Castle Hill Hospital. He was 46.

The Service was conducted by Colin Nolan.

Chris was born in 1968 in Driffield to John and Grace Savoury, he had an older sister Marie who died tragically in a motor cycle accident at the age of 19. He attended Garton Primary School, then Beeford Primary and later Hornsea Secondary School. Whilst at school he became very good at running. After leaving school he joined Riley’s Pig Farm at Skipsea, he enjoyed this and enjoyed driving the tractors. Sadly it was whilst he was working in Skipsea his dad and his sister died which was a difficult time for him.

When he reached 21 he took his HGV licence and passed on his second attempt. He left Riley’s and went to work for Hanson’s in Driffield, long distance lorry driving. Although he had little free time, when he did he enjoyed hitting the party scene with his good pal Chalky.

After leaving Hanson’s he went to work at Halders Haulage Company at Cranswick and here he stayed for a long time. He then purchased his first home and proved more than able to look after himself, keeping a smart home and becoming a proficient cook.

He eventually went to work at Bradshaw’s in Driffield, who were his last employers and where he was very happy and content.

Two years ago he met Jeanette, they became engaged on the 6th December, 2013 and he proposed in April this year and they planned to marry in October, however tragically the wedding had to be brought forward due to Chris’s deteriorating health. They married on 15th July at Castle Hill Hospital in a simple ceremony. Over the time they have been together they became soul mates and shared many tears and much laughter.

Chris was a gentle giant with a great smile, a huge heart and he would help anyone, he faced his illness with dignity and utter bravery and he will be greatly missed.

Chief mourners: Jeanette Savoury (wife), Mrs Grace Savoury (mother), Marc Griffiths (stepson), Mrs M Sebbage (mother in law), Mr & Mrs R Robson, Mr A Creaser rep Mr & Mrs T Stafford, Mrs A Savoury rep Mr & Mrs M Savoury, Mr A Savoury, Mr T Robson rep Mr E Robson, Mr & Mrs R Gray, Mr & Mrs B Halder, Mr & Mrs S Grainger rep Mrs H Hotham, Mr A Hall, Mr W Hall, Mr & Mrs P Hall, Mrs E Shipley rep Mr & Mrs D Shipley, Mr R Shipley, Mrs N Baker, Mr T Storey, Mr & Mrs P Ashcroft, Alison Todd, John Todd, Joanne Ogden & John Lovatt, Neil Warkup.

Others present: Chris Burrell (Buzza), Mrs M Butler rep Mr P Butler, Craig & Rachel Waites, Harry Kay rep Susan & Andrew Kay, Jane Baker, Adele Hyde, Henry Templeman, Caroline Templeman, Mr & Mrs K Warkup, Hector Robinson rep the family, Cath Jackson, Audrey Hodgson rep John & Michelle, Kevin Dean, Anthony Spence, Chris Knight rep Sarah, Simon Detchon, James Walton rep Sally Walton & Rob Lunn, George Dalton rep Bradshaws Warehouse Staff & Chris Towse, Chris & Donna Wilson, Roy Stamper & Jacky Leake, Marilyn Jordan rep Stan, Mr & Mrs D Warters, Mr A Donegan, Mrs Margaret Trees rep Neil & family, Mrs Barbara Harrison rep Brian & family, Adrian Crick, Emma Wall, Eileen Shipley rep David & Janet Shipley, Charlotte Lancaster rep Steve Lancaster, Jenny Ayre, Sam & Linda Holmes, Tim Perry, Martin Gill, Stephen Boynton rep Adrian Low, Louise Headley rep Paul & Robina Headley, Simon & Lindsay Wilburn, Colin & Lesley Wilburn, Mark Briggs, David Dixon, Mr & Mrs D Briggs, Mary Sterriker, Louise Croft, Mary Morley, Mr & Mrs D Storey, Bill Cole (Filey), Sally Beston rep Richard Beston, Sue Warkup & Steve Ullyott, Phil Sharpe rep Mark Sharpe, Kevin & Julie Isherwood, Brian & Denise Naylor, Diane Balderson rep Peter, Ian Ashcroft, Mr & Mrs M Salvage, Mrs B Rainbow, Suzanne Sycamore rep the family, Ian Frost rep the family, Mrs W Hatto rep the family , Mrs B Storey & Mr & Mrs D Rogerson, Chris Shuttleworth, Brian Jackson, Polly & David Stead, Mrs J Clegg, Ian & Paula Halder, Alan Scarborough, Audrey Johnson rep Doug, Eileen & Tony Thompson rep Nicola, Simon & Edna Thompson, Wayne Jackson rep Donna Jackson, Kevin Fawcett rep Nick Braithwaite, Christopher Pickering, Mr & Mrs Terry Pickering, Mr & Mrs Matthew Hudson, Ashley Thomas rep Steve Thomas & Caroline & Lee Botterill, Dawn Dopson rep Paddy Dopson, Jim Fletcher, Trudy Sowersby & Mark Fleming, Lynn & Richard Knight, Kathleen & Colin Roe rep Caroline Roe & Gillian Harrison, Joanne Ayre, Caroline Hammond, Alison Todd, Richard Marwood, Jackie Samuels rep Ruth Ward, Denise & Geoff Adams & Lee Marwood, Andrew & Lesley Wood, Mr & Mrs Bunch rep Mrs Duvivier, Hayley Pea rep Jason Pea & Mark Holton (Stan), Sam & Linda Holmes rep Steve & Margaret Harrison, Geoff Cook, Martin Warkup rep C N Warkup, Nick Muirhead, Mr & Mrs T Snowden, Sarah Walker rep Mark Walker, Jane Manson, Siobhan Manson, Jeanette Boddy rep Jackie Goodwill, Ian Lamble rep Annette Lamble, Diane O’Rourke, Mrs Susan Gray, Mr R Gray, Richard Shipley, Audrey & Jim Ashcroft, Lisa Lee, Tracey Dales rep Jordan Dales, Simon Bradshaw rep Stuart Bradshaw & E B Bradshaw & Sons Ltd, Mark Denley rep Clugstons, Mr C Kirby, Mr J Cook rep Mr E Cook, Frances Cook, Joy Harris, Mrs A Benson rep Mr H Benson, Mr R Benson, Mrs G Kirk, Mrs A Duggleby, Mrs S Watson & Mrs J Smith, Mr & Mrs B Smithson, James Jackson, Kevin Walker, Stan Guilliam, Chris Rowntree.

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