Devastated Campaigners rail at Council

George McManus

George McManus

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Campaigners working for the re-instatement of the Hull to York via Beverley railway are planning to burn a 10,000 signature

petition when the East Riding Council meets on Wednesday 8 January.

They say this is to illustrate what they believe is the contempt in which the public are held by the leaders of the council.

In 2005, campaigners spoke to 10,000 members of the public who signed a petition supporting the idea that the line, closed by Beeching, should be re-opened.

A subsequent feasibility study, commissioned by the East Riding Council, concluded that re-opening was feasible and the Council agreed to protect the identified route from development.

The Council now intends to remove the route’s protected status, a move which campaigners believe, will end all hopes of the line ever being re-opened.

Chairman of the Minsters’ Rail Campaign, Labour politician George McManus, said: “The contempt shown by Council leaders illustrates that multi thousand signature petitions carry no weight at the East Riding Council.

“The public need to be made aware of the contempt in which they are held by Council leaders. To see petitioners details going up in smoke will we hope highlight this. The Council’s total lack of vision and absence of ambition needs to

be challenged before it’s too late.”

He went on, ‘Even at this Eleventh hour we would appeal to sensible members of the East Riding Council to keep the door open on the prospects for reopening the line. All we’re asking for is the status quo and that the Council resists sacrificing long term benefits for the sake of a short term expedient .’

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