Farm visit attracts 350 curious people

fuller farm visit

fuller farm visit

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Up to 350 people flocked to wildlife artist Robert Fuller’s gallery in Thixendale on Saturday to pet lambs, piglets, ducklings and calves at a mini–petting zoo. Families also took part in falconry with Danny Cameron of Eagle Eye Falconry, pony rides, a woodland quiz and a treasure hunt.

“It was a great day. Among the activities we had for the children was the chance to dissect owl pellets,” said wildlife artist Robert Fuller.

“Anyone that could find more than five bones could claim a prize. It was quite a draw - one little girl spent over half an hour sifting through one pellet! And I noticed plenty of the dad’s enjoyed that one too!”

“A lot of the children had a go at copying my paintings in the gallery. There was a few budding wildlife artists among them – it can be surprising how good some can be even at a young age.”

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