MP celebrates funding increase for East Riding schools

Graham Stuart with school students

Graham Stuart with school students

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MP Graham Stuart has welcomed the news that his campaign for fairer funding for schools in the East Riding has helped to secure £1.3 million a year more for local schools than was originally planned by the Government, with effect from 2015/16.

Following years of campaigning by Graham, the Government announced in March that it would make an extra £350 million of education funding available in 2015/16 to support the least fairly funded local authorities in England. Under the plans, East Riding of Yorkshire Council was due to receive an additional £0.5 million, worth an extra £13 per pupil.

Since that announcement, Graham has campaigned both publicly and behind the scenes for a more generous funding settlement for the East Riding. Today, a significant breakthrough was achieved when Schools Minister David Laws announced that the East Riding will now receive an additional £1.8 million, worth an extra £43 per pupil. This is £1.3 million more than was originally planned.

Mr Stuart said:

“Today we have made significant progress towards achieving fairer funding for schools in the East Riding. Working together with other East Riding MPs and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, we have been able to achieve a substantially better outcome for pupils in our area. An extra £1.8 million from the Government - £1.3 million more than was first planned – is a major boost to East Riding schools and this will help to reduce the unfairness that has characterised the school funding system for far too long.

“The campaign goes on, as the ultimate goal is to introduce a funding system that is based on need rather than on historic political priorities. A new national funding formula is the key to making this happen and I will be working to persuade ministers to produce this as soon as possible. I am meeting Departmental officials on Monday night to make our case. Pupils in the East Riding deserve a fair level of support and I won’t stop until this goal is fully achieved.”

Mr Steve Lawrence, the Headmaster of Hornsea School and Language College, said:

“I very much welcome today’s news that Graham has helped to secure an extra £1.8 million of funding for East Riding schools, which marks a very substantial increase on the £0.5 million offered by the Government earlier this year.

“I’m delighted that Graham’s speech in Parliament, letters to ministers and meeting with David Laws have paid off so handsomely.

“It’s good news that pupils in the East Riding will now receive a higher level of funding, both in real terms and to help close the gap with better funded authorities.”

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