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Driffield School

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Driffield School is promoting reading in a big way. Students in years 7, 8 and 9 are now having regular reading lessons in the school library, following the introduction of the Independent Reading Handbook.

In addition, with World Book Day rapidly approaching we decided it would be a good idea to promote reading even more, so we thought up a way of getting everyone involved. DREADS – Driffield Reads – will take place at Driffield School on Thursday 6th March. At 3pm the whole school will stop normal activities and read for half an hour – “DREADS” – Driffield Reads. Staff across the site, including caretakers, canteen workers and admin staff as well as teachers and teaching assistants, in fact everyone from the Headteacher down and all students will join together and read to celebrate World Book Day and the love of reading.

The day will also provide an opportunity for students to attend school in non-uniform and, for a donation of 50p they will be able to support the work of Book Aid International. This is a charity that sends books to sub Saharan Africa, Palestine and other poor areas of the world, where often women and children do not have access to books. They even have a camel library. In some countries there may be one old book between 12 children.

Finally from the 5–10 March (which includes World Book Day) the LRC is holding its annual Scholastic Book Fair. Leaflets previewing the books that will be available are already in the LRC. Year 7, 8 and 9 English classes will visit the fair during lesson time and other students can visit at lunchtimes. This is a really big fundraiser for the library; we receive 60% commission on all books sold in the form of new books for the library. This means that students who buy books will also be contributing to increasing the number of books available to borrow from the library in future. The more we sell the more new books we will have to lend. Each student will receive a World Book Day token, which will reduce the cost of a book by £1.

This year also, for the first time, Scholastic has included free tickets to Thorpe Park or The York Dungeons for every student that visits the fair. Tickets valid until November.

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