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Driffield School & Sixth Form has a long and successful history of producing sensational full-scale musical productions. Whether singing from the barricades during the French Revolution (Les Miserables), or shouting in a cockney accent (Our House), or rocking together (We Will Rock You) our annual productions always showcase the great musical talent of the students.

With our newest contribution, The Wedding Singer, we have an 80s style, family fun musical.

This latest instalment to Driffield School’s great yearly tradition is inspired by the hilarious Adam Sandler film, which was the rave of the year in 1998 because it featured great acting, great singing and great production.

Well, Driffield School’s version is just the same (if not better!). The actors are of a high standard and the singing is professional.

Robbie Hart, the famous wedding singer who everyone loves, faces challenges when his fiancée, Linda, leaves him because she wants more than just a small-time wedding singer. Robbie does find true love with a young waitress, Julia, but discovers she too is getting married to big-time Wall Street stock broker Glen, who only lives for money.

By Robbie’s side to help him find the love of his life are Sammy, a rock ’n’ roll, one night stand guy, and George, a boy-George wannabe who doesn’t mind telling you how he feels with a tear or two.

Together, they must try and persuade Robbie to move on and once his mind is set on Julia, they try and build the bridge to love.

So the question on the night is will the prince – Robbie – ever find his princess – Julia?

This is a musical, so, in the tradition of all musicals, there must be songs to sing and dance to. With catchy and bouncy songs such as ‘It’s Your Wedding Day’ and ‘Saturday Night in the City’ that will make you want to get up and dance (but please, have consideration for anyone sitting behind you!) we’re sure the audience will have a fantastic experience and don’t be sad when it’s all done, after all there is a movie!

Director Mr Colly (Drama teacher) explains: “Staff and students have been working really hard putting in endless amount of rehearsal time, I am really proud.”

Whether you are a proud parent, grandparent or just a lover of the theatre, this is a show not to be missed! Starting Wednesday 12th of March and finishing Saturday 15th of March, there are still plenty of days left…but Friday and Saturday are sold out…SO HURRY! Tickets really reasonably priced at £6 each and are available at 
Driffield School’s Performing Arts office, or call 01377 253631.

After the much-loved performance of ‘Our House’ last year and this year’s ‘The Wedding Singer’, we’ll all be looking forward to what delights are in store for next year’s production.

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