When the Monkey Met the Ipad



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Y8 students and staff at Driffield School really enjoyed a presentation by Hull University entitled ‘When the Monkey Met the Ipad’.

This interactive show is being presented to schools nationally and helps bring science to life. It offered a whistle stop interactive tour of the technology used in a tablet computer.

Dr Mark Lorch from Hull University was helped on this scientific journey by ‘the monkey’, a very unusual digital assistant which was brought to life by the use of a motion capture suit - the kind of technology which was used to animate Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies.

There were lots of surprises and plenty of demonstrations and audience participation to keep the audience entertained while the show explained how tablet technology works including the LCD screen, touch screen and motion sensors.

The University linked it all with how the same sort of technologies are used in motion capture by the games and film industry.

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