Housing scheme appeal refused for Hutton Cranswick

planning inspectorate

planning inspectorate

A Government planning inspector has dismissed an appeal against the refusal of planning permission to build one or two homes and garages on land at the rear of 29 Station Road, Hutton Cranswick.

The appeal was lodged by Mr HB and Mrs C Fowler after planning permission was refused by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

An inquiry was held by an inspector appointed by the secretary of state.

The inspector, Mr Michael Boniface, said in a report: “The main issues are whether the development accords with development plan policies relating to housing in the countryside and its effect on the character and appearance of the area, and the effect on living conditions for existing occupants of No 29.

He said: “It is argued that backland development is an established form in the area - 29 Station Road providing an example of such development.

“While development would not adversely impact the living conditions of occupiers of 29 Station Road, it would represent unjustified development in open countryside that would detract from the character and appearance of the rural area.” ERYC policies state that development outside defined limits should be treated as in open countryside and he said: “I have had regard to the presumption in favour of sustainable development introduced by the framework but objectives to protect the environment are not met and the development cannot therefore be considered to be sustainable.”




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