New salt bins for Driffield

heather venter

heather venter

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Driffield Town Council has taken delivery of 11 new salt bins - courtesy of an £1,800 grant from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Community Partnership Severe Weather Grant Programme.

The bins are twice the size of bins previously seen around the town.

This means the town council Tidy Team will not have to fill them as often.

The new bins were placed around outlying areas of the town last week.

A recent consultation exercise carried out by the Town Council identified more gritting bins as a priority amongst residents.

While there have been no instances of severe snow and ice this winter, the Town Council have now ensured that even more areas are now able to access grit from pavement bins in coming years.

The Town Clerk, Claire Binnington said: “We are delighted to be able to provide these essential extra bins and they have been greatly received by most residents, although surprisingly one bin has been relocated due to complaints.

“We acknowledge that the colour red is perhaps rather bright, but we have to have a different colour to the ERYC yellow bins and red was chosen many years ago by the Town Council.”

The Mayor, Coun Heather Venter said: “There are many areas of Driffield, such as Woldholme Avenue and the other estates that have until now had no provision, and we hope that next winter, residents will be able to grit the pavements and make their immediate areas safe for vehicles and pedestrians.

“The Town Council would like to thank Andrea Turton at the ERYC and the Community Partnership for their grant aid. We budget considerable sums to provide severe weather services, but any extra funding is always very welcome.” For more information about town council services log on to

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