Video: Why the beck has run dry - a town council opinion

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It is only January, yet the beck which runs through the centre of Driffield has run almost dry.

The town council has been asked by residents to explain why.

the beck driffield

the beck driffield

Town Council clerk Claire Binnington said: “I have had quite a few enquiries over the last few days as to why the beck is bereft of water.

“The beck is fed from water from the chalk aquifer, this in the underlying rock that makes up the Wolds -the amount of water the aquifer holds depends on rainfall over the last 9 to 12 months.

“2013 was a wet start, but a dry latter half. We had 50% less of our expected rainfall in December.

“2012 was very wet, which meant that this time last year the level of the beck was very high.

“We are not expecting any flow in the beck for the next month or so. The trout are being rescued. I cannot pretend to have suddenly become an expert - this information has come from our great friend at the Town Council, Alan Mullinger, of the East Yorkshire Chalk

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