George Edwin Grey-Nicholson

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A funeral service was held at the East Riding Crematorium on Monday January 7 for the late Mr George Edwin ‘Ted’ Grey-Nicholson of Great Kelk who died suddenly at home on 22nd December. He was 66.

The service was conducted by the Rev James Anderson & the organist was Mr Peter Maw.

Ted was born and lived in Lockington at the Rockingham Arms Pub which was a family business. He was a garage proprietor in Driffield for 32 years. He moved to live in Great Kelk in 1979.

He enjoyed playing golf at Driffield and had played for 35 years.

He loved gardening and was a great family man, he loved spending time with them especially his grandchildren and will be greatly missed.

Family mourners: Anne Grey-Nicholson (wife), William Edward Grey-Nicholson (son), Richard Edward Grey-Nicholson (son), Sarah Grey-Nicholson & Des Tyler (daughter & partner), Chloe & George Grey-Nicholson (grandchildren), Mary Hollingsworth (sister), David & Jenny Nicholson (brother & sister in law), Sandra Cuthbert (friend).

Others present: Jessie Trafford (sister), John & Hilary Nicholson (brother & sister in law) rep Tony Swann & Mr C H Stephenson, Dennis King rep Audrey King, Marion & Sidney Palmer, Mr Norman Woodall, Ted Atkinson, Sharon Fell, Robert Megginson, John, Allan & Debbie Gardener rep Darren Walker, Mrs Gwen Bradley, Brian Muir rep Tony Potter, Alec Taylor rep Mabel, Sara Brown, John Finch rep Jim Sampson, Mr J White, Mr & Mrs B Edwards, Sharon Nicholson, Carl Malster, Colin Farnaby, Charlie Buckton, Robin Langhamer rep Elizabeth, David Gilliat rep Barbara & Mr & Mrs Ian Gilliat, Tim Beachell, Gavin Dalton, Karen Dalton, Kelly Dalton, Antony Hollis, Sophie Clark, Kate Dalton, Howard & Pam Dalton, Phil Wrigglesworth rep Julia wrigglesworth & Boyes Garage, Kilham, Mr & Mrs Graham Megginson, Roy Fisher rep Jenny, Diane Hudman, Cavan Grey- Nicholson, Ted Hutchinson rep Ann Hutchinson & Anthony & Jane Kitching, Susie & Neil Allerston, Malcolm Milne, Mr & Mrs A Carlton, Harry Leech, Christine Waind, Mrs M Kirkwood, Neil Smith, Roland Boynton rep Ann, Andrew Atkin, Dennis Cooper,John Parkinson, Mr & Mrs M Dalton, Hilary & Dave Slack,Mr & Mrs T Horsley. John Nicholson, Colin Buckton, Bob Crabtree, Phil Van-Wijk, Peter Fishpool, Andrew Middlewood rep Mike & Georgina Middlewood, John & Jill Seaton, Mark & Carol Dalton, Leila Cooper, Lily Slater, Richard Charter, Max Horncastle, Mrs C Milne, Jonathan & Joanna Bielby, Mr & Mrs Keith Bradley, Barrie Foreman rep J H Foreman Ltd & Chris Whitehouse, Peter Dove, Peter Casey, Mr P Owen rep the Owen family & Steve Stubbings, Bernard Jordan, Wilf Norman rep Jim & Rachael Norman, Frank & Sue Bertie, Isobel & Geoff Drewery, Dick & June Atkinson, Rod Townend, Wendy Lambert, John & June Lea, Japp Vermejden, Duncan Lambert, David Hornshaw, Anne Tyler rep the family. Christine Brown, Jan Allen, Dave Brown,Mrs Anderson rep Alison King & Keith Gray, Mr & Mrs I E Ramsey, Steve Rookes, Mr & Mrs F Naylor rep Mr & Mrs C Gordon,Mr & Mrs W J Grey-Nicholson, Helen & Len Gisbourne, Peter & Greer Montgomery, Mr & Mrs Gary Spence rep Mr & Mrs Gerald Spence, Andrew & Jill Palmer, Simon Spence rep Mrs C Spence, Mike Markham, Janet Robinson rep John Robinson, Don Oxtoby rep Audrey Oxtoby & Jackson, Robson & License, Adele Currie, Susan & Jeff Appleyard, T Sterriker, Chris Clark rep Janette Clark, Melissa Clark, Charlotte Smith, James Bielby, Mr & Mrs B Etherington, Mr & Mrs S B Speck, Mike Kellingham, John Kenington, Richard Hornby, Jane Smith, Nick Pearce, John & Mary Allenby, Kevin Walker, Kate Lawty, Pat Lawty, Gwen Byass, James Nicholson,Peter Easterby, John & Val Eastbrook, Philip Warkup, Mr & Mrs P Thompson, Richard Burt, Tony Dean rep TD Plastics, Mr & Mrs S King, Pat Middlewood rep Mrs T Middlewood & Claire Nellist, Nigel & Maureen Lunn rep Norman & Barbara Colley, Peter Bradbury rep Irene & Simon Bradbury, George Snowden, G Leason rep Mike & Linda Hartley, Neil Nicholson, Peter Bedford .

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