10-year-old boy rescues kitten

NDTP - Angela Cowton and Ryan Sharp with "Bailey"

NDTP - Angela Cowton and Ryan Sharp with "Bailey"

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A Driffield mother and her 10-year-old son rescued a three-day-old kitten from certain death.

Angela Cowton, 44, and her son Ryan Sharp took in the kitten, who is now 12 weeks old after Ryan found him near their home on Wood Crescent.

Ryan heard the kitten, who has been named Bailey, crying for help on the Driffield street.

Angela said: “It was my son who found him down the side of my house.

“Vets thought he was about three days old when we found him, he had either been abandoned by his mother or dumped there.”

After finding Bailey Angela took him to Priory Vets on Westgate, Driffield.

Angela added: “We wrapped him up and a very kind neighbour out me in his car and took us to the vets on Westgate.

“If Ryan hadn’t found him he wouldn’t have survived.”

Bailey was then taken to a home Bridlington where he was hand-reared and bottle-fed by volunteers to whom the kitten’s new owners are very grateful.

“The lady who looked after him was very kind, she was always sending me pictures and updates to let me know how he was getting on.”

Bailey took up residence at his new home with Angela and Ryan the week before Christmas and is settling in to his new home perfectly.

Angela said: “He’s doing really well now and has settled in brilliantly - he is really mischievous, it’s a bit like having a two year old at times.”

Angela’s mother, Sheila Cowton added: “He had just been born when Ryan found him and they rescued him. I don’t think the kitten would have survived otherwise.

“It is just a lovely story to hear around Christmas.”

l If you are thinking about re-homing a cat or kitten The Cat’s Protection League and the RSPCA have a lot of useful advice on their websites. For more information visit: www.cats.org.uk and www.rspca.org.uk

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