£100,000 for play equipment

driffield town crest

driffield town crest

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Drifield town council has agreed to refurbish tatty old play equipment at the St Margaret’s Close play area - because to replace it with new attractions would cost £100,000.

Quotes are also being sought for a new safety surface at the site.

The town clerk, Mrs Claire Binnington said: “The equipment will be rubbed down and repainted and any other defective parts will be replaced.

“I had made enquiries as to the costs of new equipment and it would be in the region of almost £100,000.

“This is obviously far beyond the coffers of the town council, even if other grant funding was sought.”

Mrs Binnington added: “The park will be refurbished and a long term plan will be put in place to look at renewing the equipment in the coming years. “It is good to know that the park is still popular and a worthwhile asset to the town.”

The council leased the land from the borough council in the early 90s and equipment was installed with funding from both organisations.

Mrs Binnington said: “All we have done is keep on top of it. We had a new surface six or seven years ago.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents continually check the site and point out issues, such as current problems with the safety floor surface.

Coun Steve Poessl said: “I was surprised that it was better than I expected. It is not a wreck at all when you check all the metalwork - all the paint is worn with the weather, but all the metal work is sound and I saw no rot on the equipment.”

Coun Joyce Fletcher proposed that the town council tidy it up and make it safe. “I am all in favour of patching it up,” she said.

Coun David Credland said: “The main concern must be the rubber safety surface.”

Coun Matt Rogers agreed that the play area was not in bad shape.

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