‘101 Interesting Facts on Britain’s True Life Crimes’ By Mike Gray

mike gray

mike gray

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Driffield Author Mike Gray has just published his fifth book ‘101 Interesting Facts on Britain’s True Life Crimes’ and it features a notorious Hull arsonist and Hull prison.

Mike, who lived in Driffield for many years, describes Peter Dinsdale’s horrific crimes of arson in Selby Street, Hull, which caused the deaths of many adults and small children. He was jailed for life in 1981 and became Hull’s biggest serial killer.

Also featured in the book is the 1976 HMP Hull prison riot, which lasted three days, with over 100 prisoners involved in the rioting, it ended on 3rd September 1976, with over two thirds of the prison buildings destroyed. The prison closed for one year while an estimated £4 million repair was carried out.

Brief Description: Are you interested in True life crime? Would you like to find out more about some of the most highly publicised crimes ever committed in Great Britain? Are you curious about the UK’s most notorious murderers, bank robbers, kidnappers, fraudsters and career criminals? If so, you won’t want to be without 101 Interesting Facts on Britain’s True Life Crimes?

What event marked the start of the ‘Supergrass’ era in the UK? Who were the Bridgewater Four and what crime were they convicted of? Can you name Britain’s supposed wealthiest criminal, also known as ‘Goldfinger’? Who was the ‘Black Widow’ and how did she come by her nickname? How long did the Knightsbridge ‘Spaghetti House’ seige last? The answers can all be found inside Mike Gray’s fascinating new true crime book.

Discover the truth about more than 100 actual events that grabbed the headlines and shocked the UK including details of serial killers, gangsters, thieves, crimes of passion, those who were caught or got away and the falsely accused. It is all inside this compelling book, a must-have read for all true crime fans.

Available from www.Amazon.co.uk or www.Apexpublishing.co.uk

ISBN (E-Book): 978-1-910295-34-2

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