11,400 texts to Driffield girl

Scott Kinsey, 19, of High Street, Flamborough, pleaded guilty to sending thousands  of harrassing text messages

Scott Kinsey, 19, of High Street, Flamborough, pleaded guilty to sending thousands of harrassing text messages

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A teenager sent more than 11,400 unwanted text messages to a Driffield girl he fancied – then threatened violence when she wanted nothing more to do with him.

Scott Kinsey, 19, harassed Katie Hawkins by sending 7,791 text messages to her mobile telephone and 3,619 messages to her Facebook site.

It was the equivalent of 300 messages a day for 38 days.

When police became involved and told him to stop he used a third party to short-circuit a ban sending her friend 44 texts because he knew Miss Hawkins would see them. He threatened her granddad would be raped.

Kinsey of High Street, Flamborough, appeared in custody at Hull Crown Court for sentence on Wednesday May 28 after pleaded guilty to two charges of harassment. The text offences were committed between August 4 and September 11 last year. He also admitted two separate charges of attempted witness intimidation and intimidation.

Crown barrister Michelle Stuart-Lofthouse said Kinsey and Hawkins met via Facebook in May 2013 and he got her mobile number.

“They began messaging each other,” said Mrs Stuart-Lofthouse. “Over a period of time, Scott Kinsey wanted to pursue a relationship. Miss Hawkins said she did not and wanted to be friends. At that stage his messages became more sexually abusive and threatening. He sent her 7,791 text messages. Between August 4 and September 11 he sent her 3,619 messages via a Facebook application. They are clearly sexual, threatening and very worrying. The final straw came on September 11 when he sent Miss Hawkins a picture message of a dead body, an axe and some swords. He told her he was travelling down to Driffield to kill her and her boyfriend. She was so frightened she left the town and called the police.” Police traced Kinsey by his phone and at his home seized an axe and three Samaria swords. Kinsey was bailed but breached that by sending 44 messages on December 22 telling Ms Hawkins: “I will come back from hell and kill you. And when I come back from hell I am going to rape your granddad.”

He tried to intimidate a witness by telling one to withdraw her statement to the police. He texted a male friend of hers saying: “I will get level with her one day. Mark my words. You can tell her I am getting more p***ed off. I will see her. I will do something I will regret. She had best keep her house alarm on. I will kill her! She is mine!” The court heard he had a convictions for harassing a woman which included approaching her and touching her bottom. He also punched a girl at a college knocking her mobile phone to the floor.

Defence barrister John Thackray said Kinsey had been in prison for five months since he was refused bail for intimidating a witness which was the equivalent of a 10-month sentence – a long time for a 19-year-old. He urged the judge not to jail him for any longer.

Sentencing, Judge Michael Mettyear told Kinsey: “You have a record for not accepting people will not do what you want. You harass them to make them change their minds. In this case it was not going to make her more inclined to like you by threatening to rape her granddad. On the one hand it was childlike and naive. On the other it was frightening and disgusting.”

He ordered Kinsey should be given a 12-months suspended sentence in a young offenders’ institution -leaving it hanging over him for 24 months. He also banned him from contacting the complainants for three years.

He warned Kinsey: “You have got to get this completely out of your life. Even the odd text to this young woman will mean you will be sent to prison.”

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