Beverley Westwood Hospital Staff Reunion

BWH reunion

BWH reunion

Everyone who worked at the former Beverley Westwood Hospital are invited to a reunion to be held on January 11th 2014 3pm

At Hodgsons on Flemingate, Beverley.

Many members of staff from the former Beverley Hospital have remained firm friends despite most of them being dispersed over a wider area following the reallocation of services and eventual closure.

Beverley Westwood Hospital was named in 1948. Prior to that date it was known as The Beverley Base Hospital, established on the site of and incorporating the buildings that were originally The Beverley Workhouse, during The Second World War.

The Hospital was still referred to as Beverley Base Hospital by many of the older residents of Beverley right up to its closure.

The Westwood Hospital provided a wide range of hospital services to Beverley and the surrounding area:- Orthopaedic Surgery, General Surgery, Paediatric Surgery and Medicine, General Medicine, Gynaecology (at The Cottage Hospital), A much loved Maternity Unit, A full range of Outpatient Clinics and a Casualty / Minor Injury Unit.

Over the years since first opening during the second world war, many residents of Beverley and the surrounding area have worked in various capacities at the hospital.

Trained as Nurses and Midwives, been allocated as part of their Medical training, Catering staff, Domestic Staff, Gardeners, Boiler Men, Porters, Technicians, Physiotherapists, Radiographers, Occupational Therapists, Seamstresses, Drivers, Maintenance Staff, Doctors, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Pharmacists, Administration and Clerical the list goes on.

Without every link in this chain the hospital would not have functioned effectively!

Following a great deal of discussion on the Facebook Beverley Group, it was thought to be a good idea to organise a reunion. Well, this has gone from strength to strength with a huge amount of interest being shown. People have come forward with their memories, memorabilia of their time at The much loved Beverley Westwood Hospital.

Therefore, if you ever worked at The Beverley Westwood Hospital then you are welcome at the reunion.

Any pictures or other memorabilia will be most welcome to add to the BWH story!

Allan Rowlands





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