Cat was killed ‘deliberately’

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A Driffield woman has contacted the police because she believes her cat was killed deliberately.

Grandmother Mary Foster, 66, of Highfield Avenue, believes her ginger tom cat called Ginge was deliberately hit on the head, possibly with a spade.

She said: “We thought the world of him. He was a friendly cat. He would go up to anyone and let anyone stroke him. He was too soft.

“We still have another cat, but he daren’t go out. It’s as if he’s seen something.”

It was about 2pm on Thursday April 18 when a neighbour alerted Mrs Foster that her cat was lying dead at the side of a garage.

Mrs Foster hadn’t seen him for around 24 hours, but had sensed something was wrong when the other cat, Ginge’s father, came back seeming quite agitated. She said: “When I Found him, half his face was smashed in as if he’d been hit by a spade or something.

“If he’d been hit by a car you’d have thought there would have been a trail of blood from where he was hit to where he lay, but the only blood was a pool underneath his head.

“There’s not much traffic up here, and if he’d been hit by a car, being that near to home, he would have crawled home.”

Mrs Foster, who has lived on Highfield Avenue for 40 years, reported the incident to Humberside Police straight away.

She added: “If anyone else’s cat gets killed like this then we’ll know there’s someone going round doing this.”

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