Cemetery Lane: Action on safety may take some time

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A council is to take action over road safety concerns on Cemetery Lane, Driffield - but not any time soon.

Budget constraints mean it could be years before the East Riding of Yorkshire Council acts on a resident’s request for work on the highway.

Katie Stork, Assistant engineer for traffic and parking with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “A speed hump would not be a solution at this location as speed and volume of traffic are not and issue and it has a good safety record.”

She added: “However, having investigated the site, it has been decided that there are other remedial measures that be considered.

“These considerations are for a triangular warning sign to be erected to warn drivers in advance of pedestrians being in the road and to mark the road at this point with a red surface treatment with a “slow” marking. Also, at the snicket itself, to mark the road with a red surface dressing to warn drivers of the entrance.”

She said: “The council’s funding from central government has been reduced considerably as a result of the current economic climate. The council is having to make difficult decisions on where to reduce budgets in the current economic climate and unfortunately the funding for this area has ben reduced along with many other budgets.

“The investigation has shown that the situation that has been raised does not warrant urgent action. The matter would need to wait until appropriate finance becomes available. In this case, it would be considered for the limited funding available each year alongside the other competing demands for that budget. Those items which rate highly against other items requested may be successfully added to a forward work programme. Alternatively, it will be automatically reconsidered for the following year.”




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