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jane evison

jane evison

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An important document designed to help support village communities in the East Riding has undergone a refresh and has been approved by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s cabinet.

Launched in November 2012, the East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy (2013-2016) identifies future actions for the council and its partners to take.

The strategy analysed key socio-economic, environmental and service delivery issues in rural areas, and developed an action plan to address rural challenges and opportunities. The strategy and its action plan are refreshed on an annual basis to reflect national and local changes and challenges.

The 2014 refresh has taken into consideration national policy changes and strategic developments, including uptake of opportunities afforded by the Localism Act, the potential impact of planning reforms related to redundant agricultural buildings, , the increasing significance of Local Enterprise Partnership strategies and investment programmes for rural economic development, forthcoming new EU rural development programmes and the opportunities afforded by the Health & Social Care Act 2010 for the r delivery of transformative approaches to the provision of better care in rural areas.

Local actions being progressed include support for the rollout of the Broadband East Riding Project, delivery of the East Riding Community Transport Strategy, piloting local approaches to tackling hidden rural disadvantage, producing and disseminating information sheets on issues such as energy efficiency and affordable warmth, supporting the development of rural business networks and contributing to the development of potential new EU rural funding programmes.

Councillor Jane Evison, cabinet portfolio holder for economy, investment and inequalities at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “As one of the largest rural authorities in the UK, from day one the council identified the need to establish a rural policy and partnerships team to work with partner organisations and advocate on behalf of our rural communities. Today that team is as strong as ever, acting as the voice of our rural communities and is supported and steered by a strong Rural Partnership made up of representatives from many aspects of rural business and organisations.

“The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy (2013-2016) and its Action Plan play an important role in shaping the delivery of our services both now and into the future and it is excellent that these documents are constantly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in national policy and challenges locally.

“The annual refresh includes a number of case studies, which highlight achievements and successes to date since the launch of the rural strategy. These include significant expansion of the East Yorkshire Local Food Network, the development of new community transport services to meet the needs of over 150 young people in rural Howdenshire and the development and launch of a Rural Planning Toolkit to help small businesses navigate the planning system. It is also looking ahead to ensure that services continue to be delivered in the best possible way for the benefit of our residents living in rural areas.”

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