Council was told: “Go forth and multiply”

Paul Rounding

Paul Rounding

When Driffield town council asked the folk club to join forces for a music festival in North End Park a few years ago they were told to “go forth and multiply”

So a request to the local authority last week from the club for funding for its own annual festival was met with some surprise - and very mixed feelings.

Coun Joan Cooper said: “They do fantastic evenings and incorporate a lot of establishments in town, putting on small gigs, and it’s suprising how many people support these events. I would like to propose £200 of funding.”

The motion was passed, but not before councillors made their feelings clear about past dealings with the folk club - or more precisely, one of its members.

Coun Paul Rounding said: “I have a few reservations on this.

“Although they do a tremendous job and I have been to a number of gigs and have seen them perform, I remember not many years ago when we as a town council used to hold a festival in the north end park and they told us to go forth and multiply.

“They wanted nothing whatsoever to do with this town council and very rudely as well did one of the members of that committee make her expressions heard and known.

“I thought it would have been ideal for them to merge with us on the festival but they said ‘no, we can manage on our own without you’.”

“It’s strange how things go around in circles.”

Town council clerk Claire Binnington agreed: “Yes, we were packed off with our tails between our legs.”

Coun Matt Rogers said: “Not so long ago, we had an event planned for the summer and a certain un-named person arrived at that meeting and would not support us in terms of linking with us.

“It was the same person and again we were told to go forth and multiply. She did go back and ask but it was very much ‘no do your own thing’.”

Coun Joyce Fletcher asked: “Is it just one person?” and Mrs Binnington said: “Yes, it is just one person.”

Coun Mark Blakeston said: “I was on the receiving end of one of those as well when we tried to organise the festival.

“Notwithstanding that, what they do are good events which bring people to the town. I guess, not to be too churlish about this, it is a good thing to support. But these are points well made because what goes around comes around.

Georgina Lucas asked: “ Have they asked us for money before.”

Mrs Binnington said: “The chair, Margie Linklater and her husband Mark, did attend a meeting with the other person and these two should not be remotely linked with the other person. They wanted to hold out the olive branch and are doing a lot of the fund raising.”

Coun Phil Stocker said: “I attended a meeting and sat next to this other person and she was so negative that it was coming out in vibes.”

Coun Steve Poessl said it would be wrong of the council not to support the folk festival.

“If you do that you look as bad as them. If we say no get lost to them it could come back to bite us as well, “ he said.




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