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The villages of Nafferton and Kilham are two parishes in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council East Wolds and Coastal Ward which, along with Burton Fleming, are experiencing problems as a result of the unusually wet year.

Although the issues in all three villages are unique to each, the effects of flooding when they occur are equally distressing and serious.

Ward Councillors Jane Evison and Jonathan Owen are supporting all three villages and in the case of Nafferton and Kilham have introduced and chaired meetings between East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Yorkshire Water, Environment Agency and representatives from the respective parish councils and residents.

Coun Evison said: “In the case of Nafferton, the problems have occurred as a result of excessive rainfall last summer and the failure again of local drainage facilities to deal with the problem despite many efforts made to understand the problems since the floods of 2007. Colleague Jonathan Owen and I decided the best way forward was to set up flood liaison meetings and encourage all interested parties to work together to identify and remedy the problems.

“We have already hosted three meetings with representatives which are proving to be successful and have been helpful in isolating areas of concern; we will continue to add our support to resolving problems.

She explained: “Kilham’s problems are caused by the high water table and are similar to those experienced in Burton Fleming, where the Gypsy Race erupts above the surface as it finds routes of escape, we have again hosted a flood liaison meeting with all the interested parties in Kilham to address problems and identify methods of managing and storing water as well as assuring residents that the highway maintenance issues will be addresses as soon as the water subsides.”

“It is proposed that a drop in session in Kilham will be arranged to allow residents to meet officers who will provide updates and collect all relevant information relating to the flood issues”

Coun Owen added: “Living in Kilham, I am acutely aware of the effect caused by the continued period of wet weather. Although traditionally known as the ‘Village of Springs’, recent events are as bad if not worse than those in living memory. We need to understand and act on what the future may hold with changes to the climate that affects all these villages affected in our ward.”

The flood liaison members for both villages will meet again in April to share information and provide progress reports.

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