Councillors said: “Let there be light” - and there was light

allotment lights

allotment lights

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has agreed to install improvements to the existing lighting on the footway between Allotment Lane and Northfield Crescent, Driffield.

The agreement follows a site meeting between Ward Councillors and Highway Officers to find a solution to the situation.

Ward Councillor Felicity Temple said: “The Town Council demanded that the East Riding Council should fit a new light to illuminate this footway and declined to contribute to the costs of this,

“I am delighted that a low cost way has been agreed which simply improves the lighting from the existing lamp standards which are situated within yards of each end of the pathway”.

“I would also like to thank the Officers who visited the site on a horrible wet and windy morning to see what the problem was and to bring forward a resolution, you could say throw some light on the matter “.

Councillor Barbara Hall added: “ The residents were right to raise their concerns over the safety on this footway and we are pleased that the East riding have stepped in to provide a solution, it is sad that the Town Council who would usually be responsible for additional lighting refused to partner the East Riding in this initiative”.

Councillor Symon Fraser said: “There are two problems at this pathway, one is the new fencing which shades the footway surface and the other is a very high and overgrown hedge which is in a private house garden, the East Riding Council have agreed to improve the brightness and height of the existing lights and also to ask that the householder takes action to trim the hedge to a reasonable height so that the existing lamps can better light the pathway.”




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