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Driffield town council’s tidy team are to receive training to use chainsaws - despite fears for their health and safety.

Chris Brotherton and Andy Wilson say that chainsaw will help them to carry out their work more efficiently.

But Coun Steve Poessl said: “If you go on to the health and safety executive website you will see that chain saws are potentially dangerous machines which can cause major injury.

“From 2004/5 to 2011 they have caused five deaths, 131 suffered major injuries and 355 suffered injuries which kept them off work for more than three days. Accidents happened even when people have been fully trained.

“The tidy team said they wanted to cut hedges with a chainsaw - you never do that. Thin stuff whips about all over. I hate chain saws.”

Coun Joan Cooper said: “I was surprised the tidy team hadn’t been trained with chain saws already.

“I would have thought it would be imperative. I am all in favour of it, they do a marvellous job.

Matt Rogers proposed that the tidy team should receive the necessary training.

“It is something at least one of them wants.”

He was seconded by the deputy mayor, Coun David Credland.

“The whole point of training is to know what you cannot do as much as what you can do,” he said, adding that he believed that chainsaw training was important for the tidy team.

“The accident rate is not that high when you think of all the man hours that people work with chain saws.”

Coun Joyce Fletcher said: “I understand the concerns but they will be trained to do whatever they are doing in the right way.

“If it is something they need for the job then it is down to us to make sure that they are trained properly to get on with that job.

Coun Joan Cooper said: “That is what the training is for.”

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