Defibrilators for two villages



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The Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) has donated a defibrillator each to the villages of Skerne and Wansford.

They will be installed as soon as possible at the village hall in Wansford and at Broadmead House, West End, Skerne, home of Billy and Sue Waites.

The defibrillators are life-saving pieces of equipment aimed at helping heart attack victims until an ambulance arrives on the scene.

They are designed to be used by any member of the public and are very sensitive so will not deliver a shock to a patient who has a heartbeat. The cabinets can only be opened by punching in a code which the ambulance service will disclose on receiving the emergency call.

When both cabinets are installed, Trish Kilner, of YAS, will hold a familiarisation session for members of both villages. This will not be a

training course as none is needed to be able to use one.

The session’s aim will be to allay any fears people might have in using a defibrillator and (as it says on the tin!) to familiarise people with the equipment housed inside the yellow cabinet. Coun Lynn Stockwell said: “The Skerne and Wansford Parish Council hopes the defibrillator will never have to be used but it is very grateful to YAS - just in case.”

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