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Readers - you have the chance to change the future of the town forever.

The Digital Driffield initiative is set to shape the on-line presence of Driffield with a whole new set of digital services designed by residents and businesses in a first for any British town and you can get involved today.

You can sign up online or with participating local businesses and the Digital Driffield team will keep you updated with what’s going on and how you can put your ideas forward.

Jim Ezard, one of the driving forces behind the initiative and member of the Driffield and District Business Club said, “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and Driffield could be the start of an on-line revolution. To be the first town to do this would really put Driffield on the map in terms of being a business destination, a shopping destination, a desirable place to live and an area for investment. If we get this right it could transform the fortunes of our town in ways we can’t even imagine.”

A superfast infrastructure has obvious benefits for business, opening opportunities for national organisations to relocate bringing jobs and investment to the town. Without barriers to internet access Driffield would be a very attractive place for modern technology companies to flourish.

In terms of benefits to residents Jim Ezard said, “We’re really looking for ideas that will involve the whole community and reflect that community on-line. Driffield has it’s own character and we want this project to reflect and enhance that instead of just using the same standard applications and services you get everywhere else. That’s why it’s so important to involve everyone. We want this to be what people want and for them to have had a hand in its creation.”

If you have an idea about how The Digital Driffield Project could use a new, superfast digital network to improve your life and the lives of those around you, get in touch and have your say, so every part of the community can benefit.

Here are just a few ideas to start you off:

• Watch live local sports and music events

• Monitor the homes of the elderly

• Video consultations with your GP

• Watch live Town Council Meetings - put questions to your representatives

• Receive updates from local services and shops direct to your mobile

• Live news from the County Council that affects you

• Monitor your home while you’re away

• Attend Clubs and Organisations by video conferencing if you can’t make it in person

• Shop online from all the shops in the high street as easily as you would from a supermarket

The more innovative and original your ideas are the more the project can start to take shape and become something everyone can get behind.

Sign up now online at: or add your name to the list at Rafter’s in the High Street.

It’s your chance to be part of something great.

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