Digitial Driffield will be a British first

Driffield Town Crest

Driffield Town Crest

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Business leaders are vying to turn the town digital as part of a revolutionary scheme which would be the first of its kind in Britain.

Digital Driffield would see the introduction of superfast broadband which would allow traders and homeowners to harness the power of the internet in ways not currently possible.

Members of the Driffield and district business club have a vision of the future in which residents could access health services from home, shop from their TVs and smartphones and even turn on their oven via a computer link.

And business could trade through a virtual town wide shopping mall, driffieldhighstreet.com, which would allow them to compete on level terms with national brands.

Jim Ezard, chairman of the business club, said the project would revolutionise the town.

But in order to make it a success, support was needed from residents and businesses.

Nowhere else in Britain currently operates as a digital town.

The closest comparable project runs in Nuenen, a market town 10km from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where a superfast broadband network was installed in 2006.

A total 90 percent of households there pay to receive the service.

Mr Ezard, who runs a computer services company, said Digital Driffield would allow small technology businesses to base themselves in the town.

Residents in need of help and support could be cared for and monitored online in their own homes, using the internet.

Local sports matches and events such as the Driffield Show could be streamed live on Driffield’s own sports channel.

Mr Ezard said that if enough people backed Digital Driffield, broadband suppliers would be vying for the business.

Organisations and traders in the town are to be approached to explain the benefits of the project but he said: “We require the backing of the Driffield people.”

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