Driffield bus depot to close on May 31

peter shipp

peter shipp

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East Yorkshire Motor Services has confirmed that its depot at Driffield will close after services finish on Saturday 31 May.

At the end of February the Company announced its proposal to close the depot to save overhead costs following big cuts in the money it receives for operating the Concessionary Travel Scheme, but there was a period of consultation with the trade union before the decision could be finalised.

EYMS Chairman Peter Shipp said: “This consultation period has now ended and I must express our appreciation to the trade union and all the staff at Driffield for the way in which these talks have been conducted. I think everyone concerned quickly realised the need for us to save these overhead costs and, although the closure of any of our depots is very sad, we have managed to achieve this at Driffield far more painlessly than even I had dared to hope.”

“Just two members of staff have opted for voluntary redundancy, and one has yet to make a final decision although there is job for him, but out of the 33 employees at the depot, all the others will be accommodated at our other depots, and as previously announced, all the bus services currently operated by Driffield will continue as they are with only one or two very minor timetable changes.”

“Whilst I can understand that the initial announcement must have been a great shock to the staff at Driffield, they have all rallied round in a very positive way and we have even had a request for the last day of operation at the depot to be marked in some special way and we will be very happy to work with the staff to see how we can best do this.”

“Thanks to the cooperation of other staff elsewhere in the Company, we have even managed to find a Supervisor post for the current Driffield Supervisor even though, of course, in future there will be one less depot to supervise. Our Supervisor at Withernsea has said she will retire in the summer, and our Supervisor at Bridlington depot has readily agreed to transfer to Withernsea, so Andy Fox, who is the Supervisor at Driffield, can take his place at Bridlington. For Andy to have to have to move to Withernsea would have been difficult since he lives at Filey, but Bridlington is even easier for him to reach than his current post at Driffield.

The Company has also squashed rumours that the depot has already been sold. Peter Shipp said EYMS made no attempt even to market the property until the consultation had ended and the final decision confirmed. “There have now been a couple of unsolicited expressions of interest, but no sale has been agreed and it is possible that there may be more interest once the property is advertised for sale.”

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