Driffield farmers prepare for big CAP changes

dee atkinson

dee atkinson

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Farmers and landowners from around East and North Yorkshire have attended briefings in Driffield on the big changes that are on the way to the EU Common Agricultural Policy.

The two briefings – by specialist advisers on Dee Atkinson & Harrison’s Rural and Commercial Property Department team – were the first in a series of events that is to be staged ahead of the CAP reform that will take effect next year.

The single payment scheme that was introduced in 2005 is being replaced by the ‘Basic Payment Scheme’ which will be a ‘multi-layered’ payment.

Dee Atkinson & Harrison Associate Georgina Horsley said: “These are important changes that will affect the majority of farming operations in the area so people need to know about the new system and the impact that it will have on their incomes.”

“Whilst there is a lot of information still to come, the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs is starting to filter through its plans to implement the new framework and we are getting into shape to start planning for the changes.”

Georgina added: “The aim of these first briefings was to provide a practical analysis of the changes, look at the potential complexities and consider how people and their operations will be affected.”

Asked about the reaction of local farmers to the changes, she said: “The fact that the briefings attracted so much interest does indicate that people want to keep up to date and stay on top on the situation.”

“They’ve dealt with the scheme for years and they know all about the bureaucracy. Of course much depends on just how important the payments are to the business.”

“It is our intention to stage further sessions to update people about the final make up of the scheme later in the year.”

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