EYMS plans to 
save depot jobs

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EYMS Group are hoping that most of the 33 jobs can be saved when its Driffield bus depot closes.

The Hull-based family-owned bus company has announced plans to axe the Middle Street South depot to reduce its overhead costs amid cuts in the funding it receives from central and local governments.

Routes operated from the depot will be re-allocated to other EYMS depots and the Company hopes that as many as possible of the current staff at Driffield can be found work elsewhere as overall there will be no reduction in driver requirements.

Driffield is home to 15 buses and 33 staff, 28 of them drivers, and the Company says that jobs will be available at other depots for the vast majority of the staff if suitable travel or relocation arrangements can be made.

Consultations with the Union and staff representatives have started and subject to the talks the depot could close by June.

Chairman and Chief Executive for EYMS, Peter Shipp, said: “There are jobs for almost all of them, excluding perhaps a few of the cleaners as we may not need extra cleaners based at other depots. I hope we can keep all of them, we’re trying to keep it about as painless as we can make it really.

“There are some staff who live in Bridlington and there will be jobs stationed there – I don’t think we will be prepared to offer redundancy to anyone who lives locally and who has been offered a job where travelling time has been reduced.”

Mr Shipp added: “But if there are those who live in say Thwing or Harpham and are offered a job in Hull, hypothetically and who, even with financial support are not willing to travel then, regrettably, we may have to see what sort of deal we can reach.”

EYMS are hoping to sell the site. Mr Shipp added: “We would hate to see it standing derelict.”

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