Gembling School is facing closure

Head Teacher ps1243-36a North Frodingham and Gembling School Driffield ps1243-36a Jane Moat

Head Teacher ps1243-36a North Frodingham and Gembling School Driffield ps1243-36a Jane Moat

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GEMBLING School is facing closure as part of a review by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The axe is also hanging over Dunswell school near Beverley.

Gembling would have just 26 pupils for the next academic year and Dunswell Primary has 88.

Before any decisions are made, the council is consulting with parents, staff, governors and others.

Parents, staff and governors have been informed that the Council is reviewing the future of these schools and meetings are being arranged to discuss the proposal in more detail.

Genbling school governors and staff are expected to comment after the review has been completed

Paul Butler, inclusion and access manager for the council, said: “The council has not had to review the future of a school for some years now, but unfortunately the national changes to school funding means that we have no option.

“Whenever we review the future of a school, we will always look for ways to help it to become more viable and sustainable, but this is not always possible.

“We will be consulting everyone who is affected by the reviews and take into account their views before presenting any proposals to the Cabinet of the council.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is launching its consultation over the future of the two village schools following changes to the way all schools are funded which the Government is introducing in April 2013.

Local authorities have to implement those changes and have to ensure that the way each school is funded complies with the new national scheme.

The introduction of this new national formula will take away the ability of the Council to include local factors to reflect the situation of schools in East Riding of Yorkshire. The consequences of the changes will have a significant impact on schools in our area and mean that many schools will face a reduction in their budgets. As schools in East Riding of Yorkshire already receive one of the lowest funding levels in the country, this will mean that many schools will struggle financially and some may no longer be viable or sustainable in their current form.

The council has a statutory responsibility to ensure a sufficiency of school places, and to maintain efficient and effective provision.

To help improve the financial situation for the majority of schools, the Council has had a primary school rationalisation programme in place for a number of years. This programme has been reducing the number of surplus places by closing or amalgamating schools enabling funding to be redistributed to help support the remaining schools. The level of surplus places is still high, however, and this together with the changes in the national funding formula will place further pressure on schools in East Riding of Yorkshire.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is therefore, having to look carefully at how many schools it can justify continuing to maintain. As part of its on-going review of primary school provision, it is now looking therefore at the future of Gembling Primary School and Dunswell Primary School

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