High demand for allotments

DEMAND for allotments in Driffield is so high that residents may only be eligible for one plot each in future.

At the latest meeting of the Driffield Town Council Allotment Committee it was agreed that a new policy be recommended to the full Council whereby there would be no more multiple tenancies and a person would only be eligible for one plot.

This step was taken after it was reported that 21 people are currently on a waiting list for an allotment.

Deputy Town Clerk, Rachael Parker, said anyone with multiple plots wishing to relinquish one would be welcomed and it was agreed the next person on the waiting list would be asked if they would like a full or half plot, a method which would continue throughout.

It was also agreed that current half plot tenants who would like a full plot need to inform the office and they would only be offered a full plot if the next person on the list asked for a half plot.

Any produce or plants already established on the plot would have to be relinquished or some arrangements made between the two parties.

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