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COMMUNITY leaders could come together in a new bid to tackle the problems caused by travellers pitching up on roadsides in the Driffield area under a new scheme unveiled by county councillors.

Ward representatives are hoping to set up a new forum bringing together parish council representatives from across the East Riding in an effort to lobby the authorities to take action.

Parish councillors in Kilham, which is one of the villages that has been badly affected by the problem over recent months, were told of the proposals at their latest monthly meeting last week.

Ward councillor Jane Evison said it was envisaged the forum would bring together representatives of parish council areas which have had problems with groups of travellers pitching up on roadsides and leaving large amounts of rubbish and debris behind when they move on.

And Coun Jonathan Owen added: “I think the strength will be if we get four or five parishes together saying to the police, ‘Get your act together. Take some action’.”

As first reported in the Driffield Times in March this year, councillors and residents were disgusted by the mess left behind by a group of travellers after they left a verge on Harpham Lane.

Parish council leaders estimated that as much as 25 tonnes of rubbish had to be cleared from the area after they had moved on, though the claim was branded an “exaggeration” by travellers themselves.

Other areas, including the road between Rudston and Burton Fleming, have also been reported as troublespots.

Coun Fran Cowton asked if Kilham was among the villages worst affected by the problem.

Coun Evison said Cottingham and Skidby were the areas worst affected by travellers, adding: “By getting people together, we will toughen it up.”

Earlier this month, local police chiefs revealed they were working to improve their relations with travellers’ groups to try to reduce the problems of mess and litter being left behind.

They urged the public to continue reporting problems in their areas, but admitted the issue was “frustrating” for them, because of an apparent lack of legislation.

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