Late buses to Driffield could be stopped

NDTP Bus ps1412-7'Bus Depot Driffield Pictured By Pam stanforth ps1412-7'Steve Possel

NDTP Bus ps1412-7'Bus Depot Driffield Pictured By Pam stanforth ps1412-7'Steve Possel

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Driffield Town Councillors have expressed concern that the last buses from Hull could terminate at Beverley once the Driffield bus depot closes.

At a meeting of Driffield Town Council held on Tuesday 18 March, Councillor Steve Poessl read out an email from EYMS chairman Peter Shipp about the future of Driffield’s bus services.

The email was sent after Coun Poessl contacted Mr Shipp following a request from members of the council on Tuesday 4 March the closure of the depot be discussed.

Coun Poessl said: “After the last meeting I actually rang Mr Shipp myself and I got an email from his tonight.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I will read it out to you: We have managed to retain all the routes and all most all the services operated via Driffield by running them from other depots but as you understand there will be no need to get buses and drivers back to Driffield at the end of their evening shifts.

“So it is likely that the evening services may have to be curtailed beyond Beverley.

“Our current thoughts are that the service that runs at 7.35pm from Hull and then hourly until 22.25pm will be cut back to 17.25pm then 19.25pm then 21.25pm, ie two hourly periods beyond Beverley.

“However, the plans are not yet finalised and we intend to do some passenger surveys to establish passenger numbers on the journeys involved but we believe the numbers beyond Beverley are very low indeed on a regular basis.

“Journeys from Driffield to Hull in the evenings should be unaffected.”

Coun Poessl went on to explain the reasons why the Driffield bus depot will be closed saying: “Basically it’s because of Government cutbacks right across the board to everybody and he’s put: “It is a great scheme for getting people out and about on buses and is essential for getting people who are older and disabled to essential services but from the start of 2008 the scheme has been seriously under funded. I think the scheme should be made free, but it is vital that the operators should be reimbursed.”

“So I’m afraid it’s a matter of wait and see until they make some decisions.”

Coun Paul Rounding added: “If our service is cut then lots of the villages have no chance of keeping their services and I think we should be lobbying our MP cause it’s him and his colleagues who obviously that voted against this to close this facility down knowing full well that we live in a rural community and we rely on transport. It just grinds me when I hear, ‘it’s going to stop at Beverley’. Is everything going to stop at Beverley?

“We need more buses to Driffield, not less, we need more people to come here. We need to be writing to our MP. I’m sure Mr Shipp will do the best he can to provide that facility but it costs all the time with fuel the price it is, when they cut the subsidy it’s Driffield people that suffer.”

The town council voted to write to Greg Knight MP.

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