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The following cases have been heard at Beverley Magistrates Court:

James Anthony Cousins, 30, of St Quintin Field, Nafferton, was fined £525 for keeping an unlicensed vehicle on a public road, namely Priestgate in Nafferton on February 10. He must also pay £103.34 vehicle excise back duty and £60 costs. The case was proved in his absence.

Christopher Hill, 25, of Albion Street, Driffield, was fined £175 for failing to deliver to the Secretary of State documentation relating to the transfer of a vehicle to another person. Magistrates proved the case in his absence and Hill was ordered to pay £15 victim surcharge and £60 costs.

Adrian Richard Walton, 41, of Riverside Close, Driffield, was fined by magistrates in Beverley for keeping an unlicenced vehicle on a public road on March 11. He must pay a fine of £175, vehicle excise back duty of £25.84 and £60 costs. The case was proved in Walton’s absence.

David Arthur Ollett, 69, of Southgate, Hutton Cranswick, pleaded guilty to speeding in Beverley on October 17 last year. He was fined £100 and had his licence endorsed with four points. He must also pay £40 costs and £15 victim surcharge.

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