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A motorist who has been driving for 40 years has been told by the DVLA that he doesn’t have a full licence.

Geoff Bullingham, of Whimbrel Avenue in Hornsea strenuously disagrees - and claims tha has been a safe driver all his life, never needing to return his driving licence to DVLA since he received it nearly four decades ago.

Now the MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart, is taking his constituent’s case against the DVLA to the top Ministerial level at Whitehall.

The row began after Mr Bullingham discovered that his licence was missing and sent off to the DVLA for a replacement - enclosing a photocopy of the original.

Mr Bullingham said “I was astonished to get a reply from DVLA to say that according to their records I don’t have a full driving licence, only a provisional one, and they expect me to go through the time and expense of taking my driving test again. I had no idea what to do next as I was completely dumbfounded. I’m really pleased I contacted Graham about this because he immediately saw my point of view and is doing his best to get DVLA to change their minds.”

Graham said “I was pleased to be able to meet Geoff and Simon today and as soon as I get back to the office with the photocopy of Geoff’s driving licence I’m going to send it immediately to Claire Perry MP, the Minister in charge of the DVLA, to ask her to sort this out.

Graham continued “Unbelievably, Geoff isn’t the only person in Hornsea this has happened to. I was amazed to hear from Simon Thorp of Pasture Road in Hornsea that his mother, Mrs Thorp of Graingers Road in the town, had a similar experience and so, in her 60s, she had to retake her driving test. I’ll be pointing out this case to the Minister as a further example of the DVLA database defects.

“DVLA needs to be flexible, recognise their database is flawed, and be prepared to amend their records and issue people like Geoff with replacement licences. Unfortunately, it’s too late for Mrs Thorp as otherwise I’d be fighting her case too.”

Simon Thorp said “When I heard how the DVLA was treating Geoff I wanted to support him by letting everyone know that this happened to Mum too. We couldn’t believe it, all those years ago now, when the DVLA told Mum she didn’t have a driving licence. It was completely untrue as she did have one until it was lost in a flood. Unfortunately, though, we couldn’t prove it because we didn’t have a photocopy of it like Geoff does of his, and so Mum had no option but to retake her test.”

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