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Driffield’s All Saints’ Church has launched a new logo and website.

Peter Reed, All Saints’ Church warden, said: “We wanted to create something of a brand label, something that even if you saw it at a distance would be instantly recognizable as relating to All Saints’ Church.

Driffield Parish Church

Driffield Parish Church

“The new logo highlights the tower of the church as the physical presence of the building in the town, while the extended door, presented as a cross, demonstrates that all can come into the faith of Christ and his church.

Mr Reed said: “We have produced the logo in several ways: solid blue on white, the same colours in reverse and black on white -formats to suit the many ways the logo will be used.

“While we are not expecting it to rise to the level of Coca Cola or the golden arches of McDonald’s we do believe that it is easily recognizable.”

The new logo is launched in conjunction with a new website which can be found at

The website has all the information about All Saints’ Church.

The vicar, Andrew Ison, said: “We live in an age when people want instant answers and so a website is essential for any organization these days, including the church.

“It was difficult to keep our old website up to date but with the new site we can quickly modify things as and when it is needed.

“In addition, we have tried to ensure that you are never more than three clicks away from finding what you need, from our service times, activities and events to information on the bells and the church’s history.

“You can also email us from the site. We look forward to many visits from people far and near.”

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