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in memoriam

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A funeral service was held at the East Riding Crematorium on Monday, 13th January, 2014 for Mrs Phyllis Dora Owston of Huggate who died peacefully in hospital on 1st January. She was 86.

The service was conducted by the Rev David Fletcher and the organist was Mr Peter Maw.

Phyllis was born in 1927 in Huggate, a twin to Sylvia and sister to her brothers Wilf and Ernest. She lived with her family at Northfield Farm and attended the local school in Huggate. She only moved away for a period of time when she married, even then remaining in the local area, before returning to the village once again. Phyllis and her late husband Ron were also married in the village church.

Her mum died when Phyllis was 18 so she remained at home to care for her brothers and sister.

She continued to work on the land although in later years she worked at the Wolds Inn at Huggate which she really enjoyed.

Phyllis loved dogs and one of her main interests was in fact walking them daily around the countryside. She would help anyone and her generous nature spread out to neighbours and friends as much as it did her family. She enjoyed the family holidays to Primrose valley when the children were younger and later the many Sunday gatherings with her family.

She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Family mourners: Michael & Wendy Preston, Philip Owston, Mervyn & Rozanna Owston, Stewart & Sally Owston, Sean & Gemma & Oliver Owston , Pauline Owston, Jamie & Kirsty Brown, Matthew Owston, James & Tracey Chantry, Doctor Gary Preston, Andrew Preston, Paul & Donna Barnes, Katie Owston & Mike Torr, Zoe Owston, Gavin Owston, Ben Brown.

Others present: Martin & Lisbeth Short, Bob & Jill Kent, Martin Liversedge, Marie Hoggard, John & Jane Leaver rep Daniel & Paul Leaver & Patricia Elliott, Janet & Paul Mumby, Trevor, Gertrude & Martin Kettlewell, Alison Dawson rep Peter, Vince McCall, Sue Peck rep Helen Bowman, Gerald Mumby rep Doreen Mumby, Grace Midgley, Judy Burdass (nee Megginson), Doug & Sylvia Dawson rep Alan & Audrey Suddaby & family, Rozelle Tilburn, Ann Herbert, Robert & Wendy Fretwell,

Barry Snowden & Kathleen Allen, Mrs S Dale, Ann & Henry Hosie, Pauline & Peter Sleightholme, Alan & Kathleen Barnett, Malcolm Midgley.

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