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ian dewar

ian dewar

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Residents in Middleton on the Wolds are being asked to voice their opinion on proposals for two onshore wind farms in nearby Bainton and Tibthorpe.

Resident and author Ian Dewar has initiated a simple yes/no survey for villagers following the release of two ‘Scoping Documents’, submitted to East Riding Council by power companies EDF and EnergieKontor.

Representatives from villages within affected areas have formed their own action group.

Mr Dewar said both companies had started a formal consultation process that could lead to full planning applications by the end of this year.

“For too long, we have seen a total disregard to local opinion by regional and national governments, against the implementation of a wind generating policy many experts still doubt provides reliable energy in a cost effective and non-harmful way to the environment. While the debating goes on, many landowners continue to benefit substantially through the ‘what’s in it for us’ ideology that seems to have become more and more acceptable in recent years. It is though, a time where rational as opposed to passionate argument gains a firmer foothold, if our beautiful countryside is not to be despoiled for many decades to come.

Mr Dewar said: “Wind farms remain big business. Those electricity giants who would populate the Yorkshire Wolds with single, clusters and/or extensive wind generating sites, have the will and resources to run their schemes roughshod over most vocal objections; and we have already witnesses their successes in many areas across the UK.

“Here in the East Riding of Yorkshire, we cannot avoid but see the results even now as we drive through the countryside. It is my view and one I believe is shared by many, that this ‘unfettered flow’ must be curbed if not stopped altogether! There is no point of saying ‘Well it’s okay to have wind farms, but not in my back garden!’ for that’s the very argument the energy companies use by maintaining that no area of the UK can be immune if the government’s renewable energy objectives are to be realised.”

With a proposed, cumulative number of nineteen turbines ranging from 126 – 135 metres in height (not far short of the towers of the Humber Bridge), these two planned wind farms will be visible from the National Park north of Scarborough, along the entire east coast seaboard to Grimsby and from Hull inland as far as North Duffield and Howden. Apart from the visual aspects, other considerations must include noise, environment, local archaeology, wildlife welfare and tourism - not to mention the probable decrease in property values. By canvassing the opinions of our residents we raise real awareness of the impact these wind farms will have on our day to day lives.’

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