Peck-tacular new look for catwalk hens

NDTP Chickens ps1411-4'Jumpers for Chickens Driffield Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1411-4'Liz Turton

NDTP Chickens ps1411-4'Jumpers for Chickens Driffield Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1411-4'Liz Turton

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A Garton animal-lover has knitted some claw-rious garments for her feathered friends.

Liz Turton, 68, of Main Street, Garton-on-the-Wolds rescued six ex-battery hens a fortnight ago – each hen was welcomed to its new home with a gift of three knitted coats ranging from sparkly evening wear to practical rain coats.

The coats are designed to provide extra warmth for the hens who have lost their feathers due to the conditions in the egg factories.

Mrs Turton, who also owns three dogs, several cats, a variety of birds, two ponies and a flock of sheep, spent a month preparing their individual wardrobes before rehoming the hens.

She said: “The British Hen Welfare trust have a knitting pattern for the jackets online.

“I have knitted 18 so that the girls have three each - my husband thought I was mad and I when I went to buy the wool I was telling them in the shop what I was doing with it and somebody put it on Facebook.

“They will get all their feathers back, a few of them are coming on nicely already but with it being so cold the jackets just keep them a bit warmer.”

Mrs Turton has named four of the hens Diane, Patsy, Cynthia and Jill after members of the Kilham Art Group which she attends. Mrs Turton, who rescued her hens through the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) first registered her interest in re-homing ex-battery hens back in January and went along to a pick-up on February 15.

The kind-hearted animal lover is encouraging others to re-home hens using the BHWT saying: “I wanted some more chickens and I decided to look for ex-battery hens.

“I found the British Hen Welfare Trust online – they are so well organised, they have collection points all over the country, I was amazed by how many people where there when I arrived, just car after car after car.

“These aren’t for killing, they are retired ladies but they are lovely and they are still producing good eggs.”

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