Phone scam warning

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DRIFFIELD MP Greg Knight is warning people to be alert to the latest phone scam which is sweeping across the country.

Well spoken con-artists are telephoning unsuspecting people and posing as detectives investigating stolen debit cards.

The scammers then use various ploys to trick victims into revealing their card details.

Mr Knight said: “People need to exercise extreme caution when receiving these calls. Because calls to landlines can only be terminated by the caller, sometimes scammers will even stay on the line, so that when you think they have hung up and call your bank to report the incident, you are still speaking to them.”

Mr Knight added: “If you think you’re being scammed, stay calm and don’t be afraid to refuse to co-operate with the scammer.

“If they claim your card has been stolen, first of all check to see that you still have your debit card on your person and never give out your card details over the phone unless you are 100% sure of who is on the other end.”

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