Police advice on shed security



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Garden sheds, outbuildings and garages packed with tools, machinery and other valuable equipment offer easy pickings to thieves.

Take the right precautions to help prevent becoming a victim of crime and reduce the risk of having your property stolen. Mark your property to improve your chances of getting it traced and returned to you if it is stolen.

Here’s how you can cut the risk of theft:

• Avoid leaving house doors and windows open or unlocked when working in the garden.

• Use close shackle padlocks to secure sheds and install shed alarms and security lights

• Keep hedges and fences well maintained to stop unwanted visitors entering your garden

• Close your garden gate and lock it from the inside

• Always put tools and equipment away - items left outside could be stolen or used to help a thief break in

• Disable lawn mowers and other large machinery when not in use and chain items together to a solid anchor point

• Record details of your property (make, model, serial number and identifying marks) on the form overleaf and take photographs of items for easy identification

• Register your valuables on the National Property Database www.immobilise.com

• Security-mark your property using a UV pen or a forensic marking solution

• Use lockable hanging baskets or secure the baskets to their brackets

Neighbourhood Watch and Allotment Watch

Neighbourhood Watch and Allotment Watch schemes are groups of volunteers who work with the police and the local council in the battle against crime. They distribute advice on security and safety in a specific area and make sure elderly or vulnerable people aren’t targets for criminals. If you want to help and get involved but don’t know if your area has a scheme then contact you’re the ERY council to speak to the Community & Neighbourhood Watch Support Officer or email safe.communities@eastriding.gcsx.ov.uk

The public also have a role to play by calling Humberside Police if they have information about people responsible for thefts or handling stolen goods. They should call 999 in an emergency, 101 in a non emergency or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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