Proposals Will kill off York to Beverley rail re-opening campaign, claims politician

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Campaigners working to re-open the Hull to York railway which went via Beverley until it was closed in 1965, say that proposals

being considered by East Riding Council will kill off any chanceof the line re-opening.

The Cabinet of East Riding Council will receive a report on Tuesday 3 December which, if adopted, will open up the former route to housing


Campaigners say if this happens, a golden opportunity will have been lost.

George McManus, who set the campaign up in 2001 said: “East Riding Council’s own report in 2005 said that re-opening the line was feasible. The draft local plan now says it can’t be delivered by2030 and proposes that the route should be opened up to development.’

“We believe they’ve made a mistake and I’ve written to the Leader of the Council to ask them to re-consider.

“Building on the route, will in our view push the costs of re-opening up and make it uneconomic to ever open the


“If this proposal is adopted then the Council will be doing a great dis-service to future generations and almost certainly delivering a fatal blow

to our campaign.”




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