Question mark over police and fire stations

Driffield Police ps1232-13 Driffield Police Station Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1232-13

Driffield Police ps1232-13 Driffield Police Station Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1232-13

The long term fate of Driffield police and fire stations could be in doubt, it has been revealed.

Collaboration in parts of the country between blue light services such as police, fire, and ambulance has seen plans drawn up for several services to share buildings and facilities instead of being housed separately.

The town council voiced concerns over the future of the town’s police, ambulance and fire stations and MP Sir Greg Knight wrote to the head of each service on behalf of the authority.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service reply was definitive: “Currently we do not have any operational plans to relocate our Driffield ambulance station, but should circumstances change we have close links with other blue light services.”

Humberside Fire and rescue said they were taking part in meetings to “discuss collaboration opportunities regionally, particularly with police forces and other fire and rescue services.”

Humberside Police Chief Constable Justine Curran, told the MP: There are as yet no specific plans about the future of Driffield Police Station but there are however a number of key changes that could have a bearing on its future.

“Humberside Police in common with all other forces have picked up the Government’s challenge to deliver services in collaboration with each other and with public and private sector bodies, including other “blue light” services, local authorities, the national health service and commercial service providers.

She said that collaboration was happening across shared activities and use of buildings.




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