Service written by Egyptian women

Jan and Nicky Goforth

Jan and Nicky Goforth

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All Saints Church, Driffield is inviting residents and visitors to the town a special service to mark the Women’s World Day of Prayer.

The service, entitled ‘Streams in the Desert,’ written by Christian women from Egypt will take place on Friday 7 March at 2pm.

The service includes hymns, dramatic re-enactments, images of Egypt and Egyptian music.

Issues of concern in Egypt are named, and the women voice their hope for the future.

Prayers will be said for women worldwide who are the victims of discrimination, and we will reflect on our Christian role of being a ‘stream in the desert’ for those who experiences ‘spiritual drought.’

The speaker for the 2014 service will be Andrea Robinson, Salvation Army envoy for Driffield, who has recently returned from a trip to Egypt.

Refreshments will include traditional Egyptian fare.

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